Solution Provider Program

Grow Your Business as a WFX Partner

WFX's Solution Provider Program is tailored for businesses that already have customer relationships with companies in the fashion industry. Solution providers can partner with WFX in a variety of ways; referrals, distribution, selling or implementing and supporting WFX software. Ideal candidates are consulting companies, freelance consultants, software companies or service providers to the fashion industry.

Why Become a WFX Solution Provider?

With more than 15,000 users around the globe, WFX is the leading provider of cloud based solutions (ERP & PLM) for the apparel industry. We look to build strong, collaborative relationships with high-caliber solution providers who can identify potential customers & sell WFX Products for a revenue share of the accounts.

As part of the program, we empower solution providers for mutual success. WFX Partners receive the tools they need to promote WFX solutions to their client base and knowledge of how to enable the customer to achieve their business goals using WFX.

As a partner, you can
  • Align with the Best.

    Leverage your expertise with WFX and ensure that your customers benefit from the low cost & high ROI of WFX Cloud solutions for the fashion industry.

  • Drive recurring revenue.

    Enjoy industry-leading margins with true recurring revenue.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

    Build customer satisfaction and your brand reputation directing clients to a solution that is current, uses the latest technologies, is specific to their industry and saves them money in up-front costs & annual maintenance, all while streamlining their business.

  • Expanded services.

    WFX's cloud suite enables you to generate recurring services opportunities from a single deal; ERP, PLM, SCM, EDI.